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Admatch's New Website

Project Overview

Admatch was in need of a new website. Their old website was very basic and did not fit well into the new, highly mobile world of business. After considering many options, including the option of contracting a website designed from the ground up, they chose to build their website using the new DistributorCentral responsive web editor platform. The entire Admatch product catalog was already listed on DistributorCentral, so the foundation of their product data was already in place to build an awesome website.

What We Did

Admatch needed some minor customization in the way their products were to be presented. The DC design team was right there to provide engineering and design solutions every step of the way. Vice President of Operations, Dave Shultz, and the rest of the DC staff, who have worked with both suppliers and distributors in the Promotional Products Industry for many years, brought forth a wealth of knowledge that proved to be invaluable when making certain decisions regarding function and design.

Check out the new Admatch website!


"Their input, we feel, has helped to put us on our way toward achieving our goal of having be one of the best websites in our industry. We find that the DC Web Editor is extremely easy to use and provides us with the ability to make changes or additions quickly, while allowing us the flexibility to maintain a unique look and feel that reflects our brand’s image. Our customers are raving about our new website. The new Admatch site is now feature-rich, scalable to any sized mobile device and is E-Commerce ready. Thanks to DC this was accomplished in weeks. Not months!"

Phil Sharkey | Director of Sales & Marketing | Admatch


Shepenco's Supplier Website

How We Helped

Our project was to re-design the website for Shepenco - 82-year supplier of customized writing instruments, using DistributorCentral’s new Responsive Web Editor.

The primary objective was to take control back over their company website. Shepenco previously did not have access to the system through their 3rd party host to make updates. With the DistributorCentral platform, Shepenco now has full access to maintain and make real-time updates to their data.

The Shepenco site now has online ordering functionality through DistributorCentral's e-commerce platform, a feature that was unavailable from their previous website provider. With product options and choices now setup more efficiently for online ordering, Shepenco's line went from 141 to 73 products. Shepenco's customers can now place accurate and complete orders online which helps to streamline the ordering process.

Since launch, the site has helped to increase order processing efficiency, eliminated customer service calls because website data is accurate and up to date and orders generated through the system have also increased.

What We Did

  • Created Tabs with associated pages
  • Linked categories and Images to products listed in the pages "Categories"
  • Programmed information for the "Create a Pencil" feature
  • Domain and website hosting
  • Provide monthly maintenance package
  • Created online virtual catalog

Check out the new Shepenco website!

Testimonial from Shepenco:

"We needed a solution. SHEPENCO's website has been lacking overall distributor "friendliness" for many years. Feedback from distributors included trouble searching for product, lack of product information, and absence of distributor sign in and ordering. Distributor Central made an effort to listen to what we needed, communicate how to implement it, and provide support after its completion. We could not be happier with how the website turned out and how our concerns and questions are answered and solved immediately."

Alex Moltz | Marketing Director | Shepenco®



Supplier TradeNet approached DistributorCentral (DC) with the goal of automating their shipping and billing processes. Utilizing the DistributorCentral API, built-in functions and the product "Shipping Manager", DistributorCentral's IT Director Chris Schlemmer was able to satisfy the goal without any major DC code changes in less than one month.

When integrated with DC, the result is a very streamlined workflow; distributors know exactly how much freight charges will be before ordering and they receive tracking information immediately when an order ships. Chris used DC "action" functions to invoice distributors, send tracking information via email, and charge the customer's credit card when an order ships.


TradeNet uses DistributorCentral for their order management, but while DC allows for highly detailed packaging standards, it did not have a shipping solution.


Chris selected Shipping Manager for its features and ability to integrate with DC via secure API calls.

In the TradeNet factory, employees use the DC work-in-progress tool to track orders and log production times. Once an order is completed, the job ticket is scanned and the operator clicks the "Print Labels" button. This action triggers several events:

  • Order is scheduled for shipment with carrier
  • Tracking numbers are generated by carrier
  • Shipping labels are printed with distributor branding/return address
  • Shipping Manager sends API call to DC to change order status to Shipped
  • Tracking numbers are sent to DC from Shipping Manager
  • DC action creates and sends invoice to distributor
  • DC action charges distributor credit card (if on file and not terms customer)
  • DC action sends shipping notification to distributor along with tracking numbers


If the distributor is using the DC platform as their order management platform they can also automate the sending of shipment notifications to their customers, the creation and sending of invoices, and the processing of credit cards. We believe this is one of the few instances of a seamless “end-to-end” system in the industry that automates the process from customer/end-user order all the way through shipment and invoicing.


The system has been well received both by TradeNet employees and distributors. Scott Perry, TradeNet's Director of Pre-Production Services said "the integration of DC and Shipping Manager has drastically improved the real-time deployment of information to our customers. When used in conjunction with our automated invoicing system, our customers are now notified the minute their order has shipped and provided immediate tracking information, saving significant time for both the customer and our call center."

New features such as this are always well-received by DistributorCentral customers and give our sales team a way provide additional benefit and opportunity to our customers as they adopt the DistributorCentral platform.

The return on investment for TradeNet was significant. Not only has the automation reduced staffing requirements by more than three people, it has provided TradeNet customer service team members and distributors with real-time shipping information. Problems are caught while they are happening and distributors and their customers are notified immediately, along with tracking numbers, when their orders ship. In addition, freight cost information from Shipping Manager is fed back into DC giving TradeNet the ability to audit their FedEx and UPS invoices. If desired, Shipping Manager has the ability to auto-select the least-expensive shipping method which has saved TradeNet $40,000/year in samples shipping.

For DistributorCentral, the project represents a long-term investment in its customers. The technical work undertaken by Chris not only creates more value and reasons for TradeNet to remain a lifetime DC customer, it also helps DistributorCentral provide an integration package that can now be offered to all of DC's other customers.

Our Happy Customers

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